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microwave dreaming
i want to watch a hundred thousand
varied frames like the sound of a second.
breathe this in, this life
like a bottle of flowers. everything will become
like a glowing glove, like a burning map.
there is too much to be in awe of. the
speckled light of microwave on my hands.
the sound when the days end
and the nights explode, this
explosion is a hundred thousand frames
per second desperate for the moment when
we fall apart my heart
is a water balloon. deep on the shores of the atlantic
hold me like a frozen tide.
we would never make the news
but we made a thousand stereoscope slides.
we wanted life to be in three dimensions.
i dreamed about a fire escape and white white walls.
i woke up saying i do not hate myself.
i do not hate myself look
at this road the words got frozen to my tongue.
when i die, i wonder if i will miss the color yellow.
i know i miss it when i dream.
:iconaquarius-claire:Aquarius-Claire 7 1
Your Daughter has Sold Hundreds of Local Papers
But listen to me: I will tell you
how to love a bedspread;
a car seat; a sun dress
that you cleaned two months ago.
and should they find her
in the breast of a riverbank
or a cabinet,
I will tell you
facts about scavenger birds;
kettles, wakes and how to chair a committee
with a body on your desk,
as scavenger birds do.
:icongay-mountain:Gay-Mountain 196 80
Devious Journal Entry
waking up in your bed
in your clothes
with you in it
and then you kissing me
and asking me how am
i so beautiful,
gee i don't know, i don't know
how are you so
soft? and why do you smell
so good? and why does my body
forget that it is supposed to sink
when you love it. why do i forget
how to hate myself when you love me
you kiss me goodbye
and i drift back to sleep
dreams of our fingers wearing
pretty clothes and dancing
dreams of our bodies turning
like clocks and meeting with a kiss
at every tick
dreams of women i will never
sleep with and never miss
dreams of you always
i wait for you to come back to me
and this is home.
it is good to be home, baby
:icondiddlyhohum:diddlyhohum 6 7
on watching the night close its eyes on you
1. I will not tell you
you are pretty.
How can the halls and angles of such honest humanity
be so pinched between sounds as elementary as these?
2. You need not be two stringent boughs of                     syllables
nor weave your viney bones abreast these five petty        letters,
whirling in the fire of the river
Do not attempt to peel yourself layer for layer,
leaving all the disgust behind.
Do not tally your body six                                                lines
too short, hemming the holes into
puckers red as those volcanoes of                                    strength
bursting at the base of your hips.
3. Blood is not satisfaction.
Blood is not patience, waiting for the rooms to empty
:iconsense-and-stupidity:sense-and-stupidity 199 46
december second two thousand twelve
we laugh and shift awkward
leaning on our lilting limbs trembling
forward to blue horizon and the shouting mists that
never seem to say too much beyond what is
obvious already anyway to us the milk-white
shrouded splendor of some other person’s sadness
when there wasn’t anything left to put
between his teeth he had to eat
a graveyard shift instead there was an earthquake
there he explained and we believed him as we dotted
our eyelids with gray but not beneath we did not want
our crying to leave track marks like his trackmarks we
can’t look at trains the same way anymore, we are going to drink
an avalanche of sad rather than believing this it was so dark
inside this window room we could see manhattan like a mockery to
him that he would never be there anymore
again and again he let us rest our heads on top of his broken bones like
centerpieces stretching over the heaviness of lines
i know a thousand better ways to cry than this but all of them
involve an easel or a skyw
:iconaquarius-claire:Aquarius-Claire 9 4
Ways to conquer heartbreak
Dance with fistfuls of roses, shred their petals one by one and wear their thorns like armor.
Write your secrets between the folds of paper cranes and tuck them safely between the empty spaces of your castle ribs.
Open your broken heart to hummingbirds, allow them the warmth and shelter of your arms.
Rebel. Tape poetry to your limbs, Cummings and Sandburg and Sexton.
Take a walk outside of your skin for a while, run with wolves.
Extinguish that forest fire that’s been curling too long in your lungs.
Be that lionhearted girl those snobby poets always write about.
Allow that cavern of stars in your throat to speak your truths in uppercase letters, in free verse yet to be proofread.
Write about wars and victory.
Be the hero.
Save yourself.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 519 164
alba by joanneyoung alba :iconjoanneyoung:joanneyoung 608 21 Azteca by oasiswinds Azteca :iconoasiswinds:oasiswinds 3,271 356
the trans-, the pan- and the asexual.
They said
He couldn't feel like a boy
And a girl
At the same time.
So he grew his hair long
With colorful dreadlocks
And wore eyeliner
But kept his name.
They told her that
She could either love boys
Or girls
Or both.
Not everyone.
So she fell in love
With the boy who
Was born as a girl.
He didn't feel love
For the girl with the large chest.
Or the boy with the sparkling eyes.
But that didn't mean
He didn't love them
In his own way.
If that boy's way of loving is
And the boy with the long hair and eyeliner's way of loving is
And the girl who had a taste for personality, not gender's way of loving is
Then aren't we all just
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 741 473
Untitled-10 by aditya777 Untitled-10 :iconaditya777:aditya777 2,512 88
i think we've got it bad.
the long dirty road has wheels printed into it and buildings jutting from its sides, cars stopping completely, submissive to all the too-bright light. it's freezing but i feel okay, i feel whole. i feel like i could step outside of myself and the numbness of it all wouldn't let anything touch me. the essence of me. the idea of me.
you wait for me under the street signs with your heeled shoes and too much black smeared around your eyes. it makes you look sad but maybe you want to look sad i don't really know. your hugs feel like a mother's. we're going to a party, some great musician's with golden toilets in his loft that likes prostituted girls like you and maybe a guy like me at his house because we're warm and smudged, the unreadable, undetectable ink. you don't even talk to me, you just hold my arm like a child with your skinny legs steering me the rightest way
we get there, we finally get there, and i decide i want to be mindless, breathless drunk all for the fun of it while you go
:iconbreathingglassstars:breathingglassstars 127 87
Tutorial 17 A turtle walkthrough by AquaSixio Tutorial 17 A turtle walkthrough :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 17,327 509
Six Words for a Slump
Six Words For A Slump:
You're tired, unable to create anything.
You feel angry; the anatomy's wrong!
Why won't these words come together?
"Nothing's right anymore, my hands tremble..."
Yet the solution is fairly simple...
I'm showing it to you now;
Break up your ideas, smaller sized.
They come together, like in Tetris.
Rotate the blocks; shape your art.
Draw chibis and stick figures too.
Instead of epics, try a haiku.
How about a six word story?
If your mind is blocked, overheated.
Let it cool; take it slow.
By attempting all the smaller things,
Your art is sure to grow.
-Chen Yuan Wen, 5th January 2013
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 573 143



my new account is here. I don't write a lot anymore but i mean if anyone who is still watching me and is active i would love to see you all again. 


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